A structured educational environment where creativity, engaging academics, positive behavior supports, 

and social skills instruction are provided to children with social, emotional, 

and behavioral needs.

Summit Guiding Principles and Core Values


DIGNITY AND RESPECT- Staff will treat students and one another with dignity and respect under all circumstances. Discipline and academic skills will be taught utilizing strategies that emphasize dignity.

VALUE- Every stakeholder at Summit has value and contributes positively to the program.

RESPONSIBILITY- Students, staff, and parents have responsibility for student achievement in all areas. It is staff’s responsibility to deliver an engaging curriculum in order to facilitate student mastery of goals and objectives and transition students to a less restrictive environment.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are accountable for our own behavior and outcomes. We are accountable to manage ourselves as staff and teach (not manage) students.

COMMITMENT - We are committed to achieving success and will demonstrate the commitment to students and one another on a daily basis.

EMPOWERMENT- Staff will empower students and one another to learn from their mistakes and continue to grow as professionals and people.

CREATIVITY- Instructional design will be creative and individualized to meet each student’s unique needs.

OPTIMISM- Staff will approach teaching and learning with great optimism and enthusiasm, we will remind ourselves and one another that problems truly are unique opportunities for creative solutions and professional growth.

Read more about our Mission and Guidelines in The SuMMit Handbook